Khakis can be “KOOL”

Maybe it is because I am a teacher and still buy back to school clothes for myself…..or maybe because Fall is a new season  and that makes me want to shop…maybe it is both….Anyhow, I have always refused to dress like a “teacher.” My style is not really preppy whatsoever, but I do believe that the classic preppy wardrobe contains a few basic pieces that are worth having in your closet….one of them being khaki pants….believe it or not I wear mine a lot!! I bought a cropped, boyfriend style pair from the Gap last Fall that I love!! Here are some ways that you can make khaki pants look trendy with a feminine flare.

Khakis always look great with a classic white blouse for both casual and work styles.


Wear sleeveless, white tops on warmer days as you transition to Fall from the late summer.


Throw a sweater on when it turns cooler out.


A denim shirt is another classic piece that looks great paired with khaki pants. Add some leopard print accessories or shoes to liven this combo up a little bit.


Joggers are a huge trend right now. They can be found in a khaki-style that looks awesome with heels for a night out.


Cargo style khakis are another modern way to wear these pants. Pair them with gold accessories.


I love putting striped tops with beige or green khaki pants. The stripes help liven up your outfit while still keeping the look in neutral tones.


Lace tops definitely make khaki pants look super feminine, and it is a nice look for work or an afternoon party.


Converse and khakis…two classics….great for weekends!!!


Add a bright-colored layer, like a blazer or a cardigan, to your look. Khakis are actually a great item to match with your prints and funky colored clothes because they are such a neutral base.


Last but not least….my fave way to wear khakis in the early fall….with heels and a leather jacket….because nothing looks boring with stilettos and leather….

I prefer khakis in the traditional tan and olive-green colors. There are so many new fits out in the stores now: wide leg, flares, joggers, cuffed crops, etc….that you will definitely find a pair worth investing in. I love to find mine in the Gap, Old Navy or Loft. I bet if you buy a pair you will be surprised how much rotation you will get out of them in the Fall.