Color Trend Alert!!

One color that is HUGE for Fall 2017 is olive green…..This makes me very excited because I have green eyes…but honestly, this should actually make everyone excited because EVERYONE can wear this color…from red heads to darker skin to brown eyes…etc. It is a win-win for us all!! Since this is just fabulous news and you should all go out and buy something olive green…here are some ways you can wear this color 🙂

  1. A dress with tan shoes/boots:


2. Pants: (this is a no-brainer, classic style that most of us already have)


3. With white jeans in early fall: (because we will not be ready to retire them yet)


4. With blush pink/mauve:


5. With bright shades of purple: (totally doing this and already bought a violet tank at the gap outlet)


6. With splashes of leopard:


7. With jeans: (an olive-green blouse and jeans look great together)


8. With black leggings:


9. With stripes:


10. With Gingham: (Love this…an unexpected combo)


11. In a jacket: (I have a military style I bought last fall and I wear it ALL the time)


*Bombers are trendy this Fall still so why don’t you kill two birds with one stone and get an olive colored bomber???



Well peeps….this is one trend that you do not have to say to yourself “does this color look ok on me?”…because it will…so buy something olive pronto 🙂