Kimonos are Killing It!

What is a kimono you may ask? Well, a kimono is a traditional, Japanese robe. The word kimono actually means: “a thing to wear.” In the Spring, kimonos became a trendy way to add layers to your outfits. Chances are you have probably spotted one of these while walking through the majority of stores recently. Kimonos come in various prints and lengths, and they add a modern, boho vibe to many outfits. Here are some ways to pair kimonos with what you already have in your closets.

  1. Denim Shorts:


2. Rompers:


3. Dresses:


4. Jeans:


5. Black Leggings or skinny pants:


6. Bright-colored pants:


7. White pants:


I found my kimono at Marshalls. I did not want to spend a lot on one, because it is a super trendy piece that I probably will not wear in winter….and who knows if it will be here to stay by spring of 2018. Anyhow, Marshalls has a TON!!!! All different colors, prints, and styles. I chose one that is a short length….because I am short obviously. The print has red in it…my fave color. It also has florals and tassels…two trends that continue to be huge right now. The best part is that it only cost $12.99!!!


Here are some outfits I plan to wear my new kimono with, which include jeans, jean shorts, over a black, skinny, maxi dress, and paired with bright pants from the Loft.


This is the perfect time to purchase this item. Nights are starting to get cooler. Kimonos can be dressed down or up, depending on the occasion. They are dressy enough for work, but casual enough to wear with shorts and flip-flops. All of the Marshalls I have been in recently are carrying a ton of these!!! You will definitely find one you like that suits you….so go for it!!!

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