Fall 2017 shoe trends!!

Are you a shoe girl like me??? I have been a shoe girl since I can remember….in fact…I actually recall a time when I was about 5 years old and my mother had a gorgeous pair of slouchy, block heeled, knee-high boots from the 1980’s….she told me not to try them on because I would break the heel. I could not resist them…and yup…I broke the heel…..

Three super trendy fall shoe styles are the pom-pom platform sneaker, the block heel, and the mule. I love them all. They remind me of my youth!!! Come on…you all must remember the platform sneaker craze of the 1990s…I definitely sported these in high school….lol


Thankfully, the styles are a bit cuter today…I am still a girly-girl at heart and I love pom poms and fur…DO NOT roll your eyes….The pom-pom platform sneaker is super chic….just check out the looks below.


If you keep your outift in a minimalist color palette and fairly simple, then the shoes will not be “too much.” I bought a pair from Kohl’s in a neutral color and they are comfortable and practical for running around on the weekends, as well as for work as a teacher. Here are the ones I purchased.



They also have plenty of platform sneakers out there that do not have a pom-pom on them. I actually bought those too. A black pair of Keds…remember Keds? Yup they are back too.



The other shoe trend that is very popular is the block heel. For those of you who find heels uncomfortable, these may be the heels you fall in love with. They offer more stability because of the wider size heel.

Block heels looks great with a cuffed jean.

Block heels look great with a skinny jean or pant.


Block heels look great with wide leg pants.



Block heels look great with dresses.


Block heels look great with joggers.


Block heels look great with shorts.


Ok you get the idea that block heels are very versatile. I bought this pair of block heel booties from Amazon. Super comfortable and cheap. I bought them in a grey color because they go with everything. As you can see they come in a variety of colors and sizes.



I also have these Toms from last year that I LOVE!! Nordstrom still carries this style.


This brings us to the mule…the alternative to the ballet flat….it is a good transition from the comfort of wearing flip flops all summer.


I am currently on the hunt for a pair of mules I like. I am actually very pleased with the 3 fall trends that are out right now…they provide a great balance from casual to comfort to glam. Happy shopping!