Shout out to my new fave lipstick!!!

Although this blog is mostly about clothing and accessories…..once in awhile I do hunt down an exciting product that I feel is worth mentioning on the blog. I recently began using a lipstick that my friend is selling. I am a NYX lipgloss/lipstick girl by nature, but figured I would give this a try because I love red lipstick, and my friend promised me that this red would never bleed on my lips….and I hate when that happens so I was intrigued. Another reason why this product appealed to me was because it is vegan and animal cruelty free, and I love animals!!!

Anyways, the lipstick is called “LipSense.”

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There are sooooo many colors to choose from, and I honestly had a hard time deciding, but I went with a red color called “Fly Girl.” It was easy to apply. I simply followed the steps in this chart.

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Here was the end result!!



It really did last that LONG….through meals, drinks….I even worked out with it “just to see.” It also lived up to its expectation of being a red that “doesn’t bleed.” Removal was super easy too.


I was anxious that my lips would feel dry or become chapped after having red lipstick on for hours and hours, but actually, the opposite happened. My lips felt super moisturized! This is probably why….lol

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If you are not a fan of bright red lipstick colors like I am no worries….there are plenty of beige and light pinks too, as well as corals and hot pink!! They have sunscreen in them so feel free to sport some lipstick at the beach to be extra chic!

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As I said before…I am not one to really endorse a product unless I really love it!!! And I do love this lipstick!!! I have FINALLY found a red that actually WORKS and STAYS ON. If you would like more information about this product feel free to contact Cheryl at “” or on the facebook page “LipChic by Cheryl.”