Converse sneakers are a classic style sneaker that has been around since the early 20th century. Women of all ages love them…in fact…I do not know many women who dislike them to be honest. They are super comfortable, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they are fairly inexpensive. They also tend to last a long time, because you can wash them in the washing machine when necessary, without ruining them.

Currently, my two favorite styles of converse sneakers to wear are:

  1. The shoreline- I love how the back bunches in a little. This style is perfect for summer! I bought this style in black, white, and grey….all the neutral colors….lol



2. The wedge heel–As we know…I am short…I love heels and wedges…so why not buy them in a sneaker style?? Surprisingly, they are super comfortable….it almost feels as if you are wearing a flat shoe actually. I get so many compliments on these when I wear them, because they are so different from the typical converse.


I think converse sneakers work with a variety of outfits, but there are a few ways that I tend to wear them with most often…which are as follows:


  1. With cuffed jeans:


2. With shorts:


3. With a denim skirt:


4. With joggers:


5. With black leggings:


6. With a T-shirt dress:


7. With leather leggings:


****Side note: If I HAD to pick a favorite color Converse to wear I would pick red…hands down…Red is my fave color, but I also think red shoes are a way to make any outfit pop and look stylish.


I tend to buy converse every season…my two latest finds are far from plain…in fact they are kind of “busy”, but I love them both.

The first pair come from Macy’s. I spotted them online under the clearance section. They were a steal, and I love the black and cream print.



The second pair have a bit of a story behind them. You see last year Converse teamed up with Missoni. I love Italian prints, and Missoni is one classic, designer print that is an obsession for me. Missoni was one of the stars of the fashion world during the 1970’s…the best decade for clothing in my eyes. Anyhow, the Convserse/Missoni sneakers were priced at over $130 last winter. As much as I wanted them, I thought it was more practical to spend the money on a pair of Sorels instead since I do live near Boston and winters can be brutal. Long story short….I spotted them in the Converse outlet in New Hampshire last weekend for only $29!!!!!!!! Now if that was not the thrill of the hunt I have no idea what is!!!! lol



Well ladies, if you do not already own a pair of converse you should definitely try them out. If you can fit in a kid’s size shoe, the classic Converse look the same as the adult version, and they are much cheaper. And if you own a pair already, hopefully this article gave you some fresh, new ways to style them so they feel new again. 🙂