White blazers are “blazing”

I know it sounds like I am against sweaters lately…I guess maybe I kinda am….probably because I was forever carrying a cardigan with me spring, summer, and fall as I am always cold. Don’t get me wrong..I still love a good cardigan. After all, they are classic…but lately I am into clothing items such as denim jackets, kimonos….and the white blazer. Most women have a black blazer in their closets, but do not think to ever purchase a white one. Honestly, I did not either until recently. I get a ton of use out of my black blazer. I wear it to work, with jeans, over a dress, etc….. throughout all of the 4 seasons. So in the spring I thought to myself…I should buy a white blazer too….and I did…and I love it…and I wear it a lot….Here are some ways to work a white blazer into your wardrobe. And if you are thinking to yourself “It is already August.” Please don’t…because you can wear the white blazer throughout the early fall months too.

I will start with my favorite way to wear a white blazer, which is with cuffed jeans. I wear cuffed jeans and tank tops quite often when I run around with my son on the weekends, and I feel that adding a white blazer to this type of outfit helps carry you from day to night without needing to make an outfit change.


This also works for skinny jeans too. Just add some heels!


This summer I found that I am wearing shorts a bit more, and I think blazers are looking super cute with shorts!! Another easy way to take you from day to night without changing.


When I am in teaching mode, or dressed up “fancy” for an event, I tend to throw on my white blazer over a dress or skirt. It definitely creates a polished look.


When thinking about how I will transition this item for fall, I thought about how chic it would look over an all black outfit. I absolutely love black and white combinations anyways to wear year round, adding in splashes of color, based on the particular season.


White blazers can be found in numerous stores. However, I bought mine on Amazon believe it or not, and I love it. If you type in “white blazer” on Amazon, you will see numerous styles pop up….most less than $20, which is what I paid for mine. You can read reviews about the fit if you’d like, but the one I bought was true to size. Also, Amazon has a no hassle return free policy, and I have never had a problem returning any item of clothing. SOOOOO……..Happy shopping!!!!!