Blouses are always bangin’

Almost all ladies have blouses in their closets. Blouses are kind of like black pants….women just own them no matter what. I think most of us assume that blouses are only for fall, winter, and early spring. However, this is just false! I love blouses in summer. I am always cold..always…and let’s face it…some summer nights are cool and most restaurants and bars have the A/C cranked up. I was forever and always “grabbing a sweater” just in case I am cold…kinda a pain in the ass…another item to tote along. This spring, I started noticing lots of cute summer outfits paired with blouses, and I thought…”yup I can rock this look.” (and not carry a sweater…bonus)

Here are some of the ways I like to wear blouses during the summer months…starting with my fave….

  1. paired with shorts: I used to hate wearing shorts…despise them..but you know what…I suffer through the pain of barre classes multiple times a week…and I am 40…and why friggin not just cut the crap and start wearing shorts…

Here is me wearing shorts and a blouse out last weekend.


Here are some other cute blouse looks paired with shorts.




2.  paired with skinny pants/jeans




3. paired with black leggings




4. paired with black LEATHER leggings (another fave of mine)




5. paired with a pencil skirt




6. paired with wide leg flares




7. paired with cuffed jeans




8. paired with joggers/tapered pants




Now blouses are literally in every store, but my favorite blouse BY FAR is the Portofino style from Express. There is even a joke among my friends and I because I am ALWAYS recommending the Portofino. It is amazing. I have one on in the picture at the top of this article where I am wearing the hot pink shorts. You do not have to iron it. It is that great material you can throw in a suitcase and just take it out and put it on. The style comes in a few different fits. I love it because they carry skinny fit, xxs online, which fits my arm length and torso perfectly. I buy one or two of these every season. Express tends to always have coupons you can use or sales on these blouses. For example, buy one get one half off, or as you can see in the pics below they were just $25 on sale online a few days ago.




If you have not tried one of these blouses yet, I highly recommend you go out and purchase one. You will not be disappointed, and it will literally last you years. My black one is over 3 years old and I wear it all the time! I know I am totally going to purchase the new style with the bell sleeve soon, as well as the black one with the white piping. Happy shopping 🙂