Summer color combos….

This past week the weather in Boston has been awful….55 degrees and dreary and rainy on Monday and Tuesday. It reminded me of fall. As much as I love fall….I am definitely not ready for it to arrive quite yet. This made me realize how much I really want to soak up and enjoy the last portion of summer and the month of August. Now, I am not one to shy away from wearing any colors, patterns or prints, but I know a lot of people who are only comfortable wearing basic neutrals and certain prints. However, I think at this point of summer, most women are more confident to throw on a pair of shorts or wear a brighter color (because they have a little color or a little tan). Although I wear bright colors year round, this time of year I find myself embracing them whole heartedly…..especially colors like aqua and hot pink!! In this blog, I decided to list some of my favorite color combos to put together in the later part of summer.

  1. orange/coral with turquoise


2. mint and white


3. hot pink and aqua


4. cobalt blue/navy and bright yellow


5. blush pink and grey or white


6. red and black and white (my classic fave)


I tend to wear a lot of black and white in summer and accent my outfits with different shades of red using accessories or lipstick.


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Hopefully some of these color combos will inspire you to try something new while you embrace the upcoming month of August 🙂