The versatility of a denim shirt…

I am obsessed with denim shirts….I ALWAYS pack one every trip I take…whether it is a weekend away in winter for my son’s hockey or a beach vacation in July. Do you all realize how many outfits work with a denim shirt?????? I am going to show you some (well A LOT) of outfit combinations you can pair with a denim shirt….


1. Denim on denim….. (just go lighter on bottom if your shirt is dark or vice versa)


2. Denim top and black leather leggings


3. Denim top with white pants


4. Denim top with khaki pants


5. Denim top with a tulle skirt


6. Denim top and a pair of white or bright colored shorts


7. Denim top and black leather skirt


8. Denim top and floral skirt


9. Denim top and leopard print skirt


10. Denim top and back/white striped skirt


11. Denim top over a dress


12. Denim top over a bikini


13. Denim top over joggers


14. Denim top over casual, black leggings


15. Denim top and wide leg pants


16. Denim top with red pants


I could honestly go on and on and on, but I think you get the picture here…..

My two favorite denim shirts are these two. One is a darker color with a tan thread through it from Marshalls, and the other is a lighter, distressed one from Express.



The good news is that you can find a denim shirt in just about any store, and they are all relatively cheap. It is worth the investment anyhow, because it is a seasonless shirt that travels well 🙂