Holy Moly….holes and rips are everywhere!!!!

Not so long ago, if you had a hole or rip in your shirt you would throw it away or try and sew it…..not the case now….in fact, these days you should just make the rips and holes even bigger! The distressed look is nothing new really…remember the 1980s?


Shirts with holes and shredded rips are popping up everywhere on celebrities and instagram fashion pages.

Now, you can do this trend yourself at home to any shirt….Here is one example, but Pinterest has so many diagrams of various ways to do this.


Or you can just buy one since they are all over the stores. In fact, I just bought two in Express a few weeks ago. They were $9.99 each, and they had a ton of colors!


I went with light blue and an aqua color because I tend to wear a lot of blues and greens in the summertime. I also found a black t-shirt with holes in it from Marshalls last month.


I think if you are going to wear a t-shirt with holes….it looks best with jeans and sneakers…period…end of story.




Although I have somewhat embraced the “hole-y” trend….I am more of a “shredded rips” kind of gal…as you know if you have read my previous blog posts….I love funky designs or cut out backs of shirts. The rips are a little more funky than the holes so they can somewhat be dressed up a tad more…this style looks good with leggings, jeans, or shorts.


I love to wear this style shirt with a bralette or funky sports bra. In fact, I have the exact sports bra shown in the picture below. It is from Lululemon and comes in a ton of colors. I think I bought it in at least 4-5 colors and patterns, because it looks so awesome with open back tops and it is super comfy.


One of the places where I exercise has the BEST workout clothes…super cute…super trendy…I have to restrain myself from buying something in there every week actually. Anyways, I just bought a shredded back shirt from them a few weeks ago. Here is me wearing it!


If you are ever in the Boston area….please check out Studio Poise. First class is free!!! It is about 15 minutes north of Boston in Lynnfield, Mass. The studio offers a variety of classes such as barre, TRX, HIIT, kickboxing, Pound, and numerous pilates based classes. The wide range of classes fits the needs of all fitness levels, body types, and exercise preferences. I have been going there for over 3 years, and it is definitely one of my happy places in life.

Some final thoughts…I would not spend a ton of money on the hole in shirt trend because I have a funny feeling it could be short lived….maybe last through the fall and winter with some shredded sweatshirts perhaps….but I would definitely get at least 1-2 pieces to mix and match with your current wardrobe. Thankfully, stores like Marshalls and Express carry a ton of options with this style for less than $20!!