Latest finds to bring on Summer !!!! ALERT: Long Blog Today :)

Slacked a little on my blog last week…usually I write about two articles per week. However, this week I shopped my ass off. Thankfully, as a teacher I do get a lot of gift cards at the end of the school year…lol… In all honesty, the week before and after the July 4th holiday ALWAYS have the BEST summer deals. The stores want to get rid of their summer stock, because believe it or not, fall clothes come in shortly. ugh…I know…but it is true.

Anyhow…I shopped all over the place and got so many cute items that I felt I had to share. First I will start with my Target trip. I originally went there because my son earned a surprise for his excellent report card, but of course I looked around at the clothes. My son begged me to buy this Patriotic bikini…I was unsure at first, but wearing Patriotic clothes is super trendy, and my parents have a July 4th BBQ every year so I thought…why not….AND the bikini was under $25….AND I already have a white bikini top and a red bikini top that I can mix and match with the red/white striped bottoms all summer long.


Next purchase at Target was a flannel shirt on the clearance rack for less than $7!!! I picked it up and put it down, but then thought it would make a super cute cover-up over a bathing suit when it gets chilly. (should have put this in my last blog post about cover-ups! lol)


How cute does this type of shirt look over a bathing suit?


Next Target purchase was a summer necklace. It is white and full of skinny beads…I LOVE IT!


Last thing I bought in Target was a strapless jumpsuit…I almost did not try this one on because usually jumpsuits are way too long for me. Jackpot…this one is supposed to be cropped, but because I am 4’11” it is regular pant length on me…..

This was my favorite purchase from Target by far and I can not wait to wear it out with wedge heels and big earrings!!!

Next store I went to look around in was Express. I peeked through the clearance bins and found a dressy pair of shorts that are black with lace for only $9.99….Here is me wearing them out to a concert with ankle booties and a body suit.


Third store I shopped at was Old Navy…but online…I had a gift card and extra bucks so I ordered some basic tanks and a black/white cardigan that is perfect for summer when the restaurants you are in have the A/C on full blast. I paid less than $10 for all 3 items!


Fourth stop was Ann Taylor Loft…they also were having a big clearance I get a teacher discount of 25% on full priced items. I settled on these pants….wide leg florals…super trendy….again…supposed to be a cropped pant, but they are a perfect full-length pant on me.

I like this style pant with a tucked in tank or sleeveless top as shown in these looks below. Perfect for work or for a night out in the summer.


On to Marshalls……First, I found a flowy, floral, off the shoulder blouse in bright summer colors that will look awesome with white shorts or pants. Check out the price!


The other item I purchased at Marshalls was a pair of striped work out pants that look just like a pair I wanted from Athleta…but a lot cheaper. I have the black pair with the white stripes from Athleta that I wear all the time. They made the pants in a reverse print with white being the main background color for summer. I did not want to spend the money on those because in reality, I will probably only wear them from June-August. Anyhow, I found an identical pair for $19.99!!!


Here is the original pair I wanted from Athleta…


Next item is not clothing…but I HAVE to share it because it is too awesome not to. The Marshalls where I shop is next to a Bath and Body Works, and I always go in and look. Now, I am a girl who is obsessed with having nice feet year round….it is just my thing I guess…lol…anyways, this product is amazing. Keep it in your shower and use it every night to avoid “beach and pool feet” (that is what I call them…lol) you know what I mean…when your heels and feet get all rough and peel. This product prevents all of that, so the money you spent on your pedicure does not go to waste!!!


Last but not least was my trip to Aine’s in Reading, Mass….I have written about them before in previous blog posts. They are a local boutique (that also sells online) who carries a variety of unique clothing and accessories. I actually took this trip with my Mom…who convinced me to buy these hot pink, lace shorts for our upcoming vacation to Maine. The adorable clutch is what she chose to buy, but since they match my shorts I will definitely be borrowing it from her!!!

I actually like these lace shorts with a long sleeve top on cool, summer nights. They are dressy shorts that offer an alternative to dresses and skirts.

I also chose another piece to add to my Benny and Ezra collection of jewelry. I picked a circle that says “trust your soul.” Not to get philosophical, but I believe people should always do what their instincts tell them to do…so this is perfect for me. Less than $50 for both items!



If you are a quote girl like me, then you would love this line of jewelry!!! I also have a bracelet that a good friendd of mine gave me for my birthday. You can change the bands or the quote plates to have more options!!!


Aine’s is constantly getting new shipments of this all the time, so go in and check it out!


Needless to say…I was a busy beaver shopping….However, I got all of these things for about $210!!!! How wild is that!!!! I am sharing all of these items with you because all of these stores had multiples in what I purchased, so there is still time to snag these buys!!! Thanks for bearing with me during this long post…lol..hope you enjoyed reading this LONG blog post today and have a Happy 4th!!!!!