Bathing Suit Cover-Ups…

With July 4th right around the corner, I think it is only natural for most women to think about bathing suits…I debated whether or not to write a blog about bathing suits, but I decided to write about cover-ups instead. I think bathing suit shopping is a nightmare for most of us women…especially after giving birth. I mean even if you lose all the weight and fit in the same size clothing…everything somehow looks “a little different” in a bathing suit. Even if you have not had children, many women are not fully comfortable parading around the beach or a pool party in a bathing suit…..and this is true for ALL size women….most people think because I am 4’11” and weigh 97 lbs that I must be “so lucky” and have no trouble sporting a bikini…truth of the matter is this is far from true. First of all, I am super small-busted…which makes  bikini tops a nightmare……BUT…..I have a BUT that is curvy…which also makes bottoms a nightmare….Second of all, I am a 40 year old mom of a boy who is almost 9. Since I have a pool in my backyard, I have a lot of 9 year old boys swimming all summer at my house, and I feel like I should not be walking around in a bikini in front of them all day (especially when my son says “Moommmmm are you wearing JUST that?”  lol )Therefore, I am always on a mission for a cute cover-up. I think if most women were able to find a trendy, stylish, cover-up they feel comfortable in, they would actually enjoy pool parties or walking the beach. I have seen countless women, sweating to death in clothing while in someone’s backyard because they refuse to wear a bathing suit. Hopefully, these cover-up ideas will make you more beach and pool ready!

  1. Lace cover-up

Regardless whether or not you are plus size or petite, lace is always sexy….in all shapes and forms. Also, lace is a HUGE trend right now in dresses and tops. A lace cover-up dress provides coverage that looks feminine..yet classy and sexy at the same time. I like lace cover-ups in either black or white because that way they will match all colors and prints of bathing suits.

I bought this one at Target for only $19.99!!


2. The sarong wrap

This style cover-up can be worn in either a long or a short style. It is quick and easy to just throw on when you are getting in and out of the water. It can be adjusted for all sized waists, and it looks great over both a one piece bathing suit or a bikini.


Here is the one I bought from Amazon for only $7.99!!!!!!!!!!  The best is that it comes in 43 colors!!!!!This one is super light-weight, and it easily fits in both a carry-on bag for a plane flight, or in a tote bag for a day at the beach.



3. Denim shorts

Almost everyone owns a pair of jean shorts. They are cute and easy to throw on over both a one piece bathing suit or a bikini bottom. I find I wear these a lot when I am going to the beach because they work well with a tank top or sweatshirt when you are sitting in the sand chilling out.


I recently bought this pair from Express.


I liked them because they had a frayed hem, which makes them casual enough to wear over a bathing suit, but yet they are a tad bit longer in the back. (I dislike my legs the most so I liked this feature lol)


4. Romper

Last but not least…we have the romper…Rompers are JUST IN PERIOD…for casual…for evening…so why not as a cover-up. They slip on easy. They do not wrinkle, so you can throw them in a beach bag. and they are all in one piece…you do not need a top too like you maybe would for denim shorts or a sarong.


I recently bought this one at Target.


I liked the red, white, and navy colors in it because they are Patriotic, and Patriotic colors are always trendy in July. I also own a lot of red bikinis (red is my fave color) so I thought this would match what I already own….while adding a retro vibe to it.

Women spend most of their lives feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, which is unfortunate. So enjoy the pool parties and the beach during the summer of 2017. Strut your stuff with or without a cover-up…but for those days you feel “blah and bloated” a cover-up is an amazing tool to allow you to enjoy fun in the sun with your loved ones!

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