Sliding into summer…well…with slides…

Every girl loves flip flops…me included…but I must admit…SOMETIMES the “thing between the toe” is aggravating. Too loose…too tight…not soft enough etc. Well, no worries for summa 17 because this summer it is all about the “slide” sandal. At first I thought these were ugly…kind of “dad-ish.” However, then I saw Gigi Hadid wear them in multiple pics and I thought, perhaps, these were KIND OF cute.

The first pair I bought were Nike athletic ones….for 2 reasons:

  1. Athletic slides are actually more trendy and I am all about being “in.”
  2. I thought they would be practical to throw on after barre class because you don’t need sneakers for barre class.

So, I found these at Nordstrom. The best thing is that most women can fit into a kid’s size shoe in these if their shoe size is under a size 9. They are the SAME as the adult pair and a lot cheaper. Here is what I bought.



Here are some cute looks you can wear a pair of athletic slides with.


I also bought this pair from Old Navy to wear with skirts and dresses.



I would say these slides definitely work best with a casual look for daytime (if you do not plan on wearing them with gym clothes)…with jeans, skinny pants, leggings, etc


The final pair that I bought was from Macy’s during one of their shoe sales. They are definitely more dressy of a slide because they have a platform. I went with a nude color because it matches any color you would wear during the summer.


Platform slides work best with skinny or straight leg pants or a pair of shorts. Since the shoe is thicker, you want the shoe to stand out and not be covered by a wider leg pant.

I am actually pleasantly pleased with myself for giving in and buying slides…they are super comfy…and slid right into my carry on luggage for NYC….SOOOOOO it is time to slide into summer!!!