Shout out for one of my fave places to buy jewelry…

I am obsessed with jewelry…all kinds of jewelry….expensive diamonds, big hoop earring, cheap costume jewelry, etc…but one thing stays constant….I like to be different and find jewelry that others do not have. Hence, I am obsessed with “Thelil Muse”. Deb designs gorgeous necklaces and bracelets in all colors. Many of her bracelets and necklaces have gorgeous charms dangling from them.

Here are some of her latest creations for summer.



My favorite set of bracelets I ever bought from her are the red and black ones. I tend to like jewelry with angel wings, the Italian evil eye, or a religious symbol.



Another one of my faves is this wrap around choker cross necklace in turquoise.


As we know…I love any type of jewelery with a cross on it, and the fact that this is turquoise…combined with brown (I love that pair up)…..AND it has rhinestones….made this like a “without a doubt I am buying this in two seconds” kind of purchase. Here is me wearing it today actually as I am typing this!!!



(While staying with the turquoise theme) For summertime, I love turquoise anything, so when I saw this group of bracelets for sale, I jumped right on it.



Perfection!! Has the tree of life, the buddha, and the evil eye all wrapped in one!! And they will look awesome with a white tank top and jeans!!!!

I have a super petite wrist and Deb has been able to create jewelry that fits me perfectly. Therefore, whether you are petite or plus size, I can guarantee that her jewelry will fit you properly.

Please check out her designs on her instagram page “thelilmuse22” or at her etsy shop “”