Trending: Jean Shorts

Last summer people would often say “oh my god she has JORTS on!” JORTS is short for jean shorts…this was not really a good thing as jean shorts were definitely outdated. That is not to say I did not throw them on from time to time….over a bathing suit, running errands with my son, etc.

This summer, however, jean shorts are a must!! They are super trendy and lightweight for summer….which we still have 9 weeks left of!!! Jean shorts are also a great transition piece for September and October. (This will come in a later blog post) Here are some of my favorite ways to wear jean shorts…

  1. With a Tank Top and Bralette

Here is me sporting this trend the week of July 4th…



2. With a Bodysuit


3. With a long sleeve blouse for evening (This is my new fave trend so far…loving long sleeve blouses with shorts…especially for cool nights on a beach vacation)


4. With heels for evening!!


5. With a plaid shirt


6. A Longer Length style if you want more coverage for your legs…


7. And last but not least… WHITE šŸ™‚


So if you have a pair of “jorts” buried deep within your drawers…..definitely pull them out!!!! And if you don’t…the good news is that almost all the stores have these now for less than $20 since they have been around since late March šŸ™‚