Black and white stripes are everywhere this Spring, even though they are technically a timeless classic. Black and white are both considered neutral colors…making them easy to wear with other colors you may want to integrate into your outfit. In fact, when thinking about stripes recently, I realized that I wear stripes A LOT…

To my goddaughter’s Baptism…


To my mother’s 70th birthday dinner…


To my cousin’s bridal shower…


And even on a casual day being a Mom…


Needless to say…I guess we could assume I am a stripe kind of gal.

This Spring, it is trendy to incorporate a pop of color when wearing something with a black and white stripe print. My favorite colors to pair with black and white are:

  1. Hot pink


2. Mint green


2. Red


4. Yellow


My favorite wardrobe staples to buy with this print are as follows:

  1. Skirts


2. Shoes


3. Handbags


4. Blazer

*I especially love the pic to the right for spring and summer because the blazer has more of a white base.


My latest purchase was a black and white stripe tank from Old Navy for $5!! How can you beat that price! I will wear this tank with skirts, jeans, shorts, underneath sweaters, etc…




So peeps…channel your inner zebra and sport some stripes!!!