Weekend Finds!

Ok…I admit…did lots of shopping in the past week…but it is totally justified because I have an upcoming girls’ trip to NYC for a bachelorette party. I decided to pack everything in black and white (blog post to come on how to maximize packing for a carry-on for a weekend trip) and throw in some reds and golds for accents. First thing I bought is gold shoes from Macys…obsessed is an understatement. They are a gorgeous color bronze/gold, are platforms, are disco-like, and will match basically any color. I got them on sale and used a coupon code, which saved me $30 in the end.


Like… come on…these are gorgeous. I packed a black romper and leather leggings to go with a slinky tank, and I think these shoes will be perfect for both outfits. Because I bought gold shoes, I thought I should buy some more gold accessories…maybe it is because I get superstitious and HATE to fly in airplanes…but I settled on cross earrings, and another pair of earrings that have the evil eye on them….gotta love us Italians.


They are super cheap and will match jeans, a black dress, tank tops, etc….wearing big earrings also makes you not have to worry about packing necklaces, which saves space in a carry on because earrings are so much smaller.

The other items I bought are not necessarily for NYC….I kinda just bought them because they were awesome deals…and super trendy. As I have mentioned before…the 1970’s are back in style in a HUGE way. This means that big jewelery is back….especially ball earrings. I found a pair at Charming Charlie’s, which were really inexpensive. I decided on silver because I wear silver tones more, and I thought they will look super cute this summer with a white tank top and jeans.


How cute! They look like disco balls!

I also bought a shirt in Victoria’s Secret. It was $25 and I had a 20% off coupon to use on top of it. As you know if you have read my previous blog posts, I love backless tops. This one is in grey…an awesome neutral for summer to match with pink, white, black, or yellow.


While walking around Victoria’s Secret, I spotted a sign near the bralettes (which I love to wear with the backless tops) that said “buy one get one FREE!!” yup free!! not a joke…free…so I bought a black one just because a girl can never have enough black bras or bralettes…and a pretty copper color, which I think will look awesome with a backless, black top and the bronze platform shoes featured above.


Lastly, I was on a mission for something with tassels, which have been popping up everywhere lately…and not just on curtains and graduation caps. Tassels are now on shoes, jewelry, handbags, clothes..basically everything. I feel like this will be a short-lived style…and I also feel that tassels are easier to wear in spring and summer, because they are light and fun…so I definitely did not want to spend a lot. I headed to Marshalls and hit the jackpot! Tassel shirt!

Perfect summer colors…tassels are small and not too tacky…and it was only $12.99. I plan on wearing this with white jeans, and I am definitely going to be packing it for my two beach vacations in July and August!

I hope you enjoyed reading my weekend finds and that it gave you some inspiration for updating your wardrobe.