Joggers are not just for jogging…

In case you don’t know…joggers are a type of “sweat-pant.” They are usually lightweight, have an athletic appearance, and they taper in at the leg with an elastic around the ankle. Remember this look from the 1980s?? We all rolled our pants to make them look more tapered at the bottom….well THANK GOD joggers look a lot more stylish then these suckers….even though we thought we were the coolest strutting the halls of high school with our rolled up Z-Cavaricci jeans.



Thanks to the huge athleisure trend that has taken over the fashion world, joggers have become a wardrobe staple. Although joggers are super comfy and a great piece for working out, they can actually be pretty chic too…even dressy enough to wear to work. Here is a chart showing all of the different ways you can style jogger pants.


Now some of these are slightly impractical for the typical woman, however, the point is that you do not just have to wear sneakers with jogger pants!!! In fact my FAVORITE way to wear joggers is out with a tank top and a strappy heel!! I think I secretly embraced this trend because it is one pant I do not have to hem!!! My favorite pair of joggers is a black satin pair I bought at Macys from American Rag. I love wearing a black tank with black satin joggers out at night. In fact, I often throw them in my suitcase when packing. They are comfy….especially when having an “I feel gross and bloated day.” If you plan on dressing joggers up for a night out in the city, I think they look best with black or white tanks/tops. Black and white is always a dressy and classy look, which helps make the outfit look more fashionista and less gym-like.


As mentioned before, I threw these in my suitcase the last time I went to NYC with a white tank and the same shoes that are in the bottom right picture. (see above) If you want to wear this style pant to work, I would definitely pair this with some type of blazer to make it look more professional.


Black satin joggers also look great with a blouse….



Another style jogger I am obsessed with is the camo-jogger!! Camo is known to be a relaxed, yet stylish and a trendy fashion staple….just like joggers…so why not just combine the two.


I found my camo joggers at Macys. (yes just like I found the black, satin ones.) Here are the ones I bought, and here is me wearing them.



I find I can wear them in all seasons, because they looks just as good with a long sleeve shirt as they do with a tank top.


I also found a pair of camo joggers that are softer than soft from the Gap….



Finally, I can’t end an article about joggers without mentioning wearing them with the athlesiure look that is in. They look cute for the day with sneakers, but yet stylish enough that you do not look like you just came out of the weight room at the gym.


And since the 1980’s old school sneakers are back….why not pair them with the “tapered leg” style that was also big in the 1980’s. How awesome do these sneakers look with joggers???


As a busy mom, I do find myself running around in these pants quite often on the weekends. I bought a pair from Athleta, which were sort of expensive, but they are made super well, and I know I will wear them from spring through fall.


AND…..Macy’s for the win again!!! I bought an old-school Nike pair, which were on sale. They come in so many colors, and they are so lightweight making them perfect for Spring ….that is hopefully fast approaching.


Heck….I even found a velour pair at Marshalls on the clearance rack for $7.99 that I paired with a bodysuit!!





My last point about joggers is that they look great on all shapes and size…both plus size and petites can wear these pants. I can speak for myself being a petite woman that since these pants are meant to “bunch up” at the bottom, there is no hemming necessary.



I am telling you….once you try on a pair of these cozy and comfy pants, it will definitely be harder to go back to skinny jeans. And let’s be honest…we all secretly kind of miss the cool vibes we felt every time we tight-rolled our pants in 1992 🙂