Fashion Always Repeats…and this time my fave is back…DISCO!!!

The 1970’s appear to be one of the most revisited decades when it comes to fashion lately. Styles from this era continue to influence modern clothing. Designers and fashion-lovers continue to be drawn into the clothing from this period of time. There seems to be a style fit for everyone from this decade: hippy, glam rock, bohemian, and disco. I like a little bit of everything mixed up, but disco is definitely my fave!!!

Disco style included bell bottoms, platform shoes, jumpsuits, rompers, halters, loud patterns, and all things that were the color gold! LOVE IT ALL! Maybe it is because I grew up a child of disco. My mom played it while she cleaned the house. My dad blasted it in the car. I remember my dad getting all dressed up to go out with the “North End guys” on a Friday night, and he would put on his dress shirts with the HUGE collars. My mom rocked the bell bottoms, and she loved everything gold and sparkly. I also think a lot of these styles that have come back into 2017 are flattering to wear and practical. Bell bottoms are more elongating and fit more body types than skinny jeans do. Platform shoes and wedges are more comfortable to wear than skinny stilettos. The color gold looks good on red heads, blondes, and brunettes…I could go on and on and on.

I love that I saved all my bell bottom, designer jeans from like 13 years ago!

  1. I love them
  2. That style looks the best on me
  3. I still fit into them 10 years later…and after having a baby!

In fact I wore them out last weekend paired with another 1970’s trend that has made a comeback: the body suit.


Wide leg or bell bottom jeans look best with a platform heel or wedge….in other words, a chunkier looking shoe.

Bodysuits look best with wide leg pants, in my opinion, but on a “non bloated” day for me…I may be brave and pair them with a skinny jean…..ya know… take a risk lol

I also love how wide leg pants look with a chunky belt. Sometimes a person can “get lost” with all the material and a belt cinches the waist. I dug out a chunky belt to wear with my bell bottom jeans last weekend. (see above pic)


Another trend I am currently obsessed with is the romper or jumpsuit. It is like a modern version of the dress….and who doesn’t love a dress in spring and summer.

The problem with me is that rompers can be hard to find if you are a petite girl. The crotch hangs….the sleeves are too long…the chest can be too bulky. This is where my girl Katie from one of my favorite boutiques comes in!!! Katie is the owner of Madison Ave. of Melrose, which is located in Melrose, Massachusetts. Madison Ave has been nominated for numerous awards. They sell clothing, accessories, shoes, and designer items such as Chanel, Gucci, and Dior for consignment.

Anyhow, I walked into the store last Friday and Katie handed me a romper off the hanger that was literally perfect for me….she knows I love 1970’s prints, and it was like perfectly tailored for my body type to top it off. She was like a miracle worker. I have been looking for rompers for months and here she is like “try this one on”, and it is perfect!! In love!


After I got over my euphoric state that I finally found a romper after throwing in the towel, I noticed all of the other cute items that were in the store related to the modern revival of the 1970’s!

There are tons of chunky, platform shoes in all sizes.

And super cute gold accessories, like this cute, gold, disco like, cross body bag.

If you are in the Boston area, check out this boutique. If you live out of state….no problem….because Katie has an instagram page you can follow at “madisonaveofmelrose”. The page is updated daily with new items that are available for purchase..both in store…and online.

Dig out your bell bottoms and platform shoes (I know you all saved at least one pair) and get a little groovy for #summa17!!!!

*Stay tuned for a collaboration with Katie and I coming at you soon!!!