How to Style a T-shirt…and a shout out to one of my faves…

I do not think anyone who knows me would ever say that I am a “jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers” kinda girl… is more like a “jeans, tank top, and wedge sneakers” kinda girl…lol… I recently found myself in a little bit of a dilemma. I had to attend a charity event last week called Haymakers for Hope, where amateur boxers fight to raise money for cancer research. Anyhow, I wanted to support my friend’s boxing gym at this event by wearing a t-shirt…but the t-shirt was too big….and I wanted to wear these really cute peep toe, stiletto booties with my distressed jeans so I had to figure out something with the t-shirt….pronto. As we know I LOVE Madonna circa 1980’s, and I love the “off the shoulder” look because it shows a little skin, so when I found this picture online I knew it would be a perfect fix for me…


It was easy to do and came out perfect. It only cuts a little off the back, so if there are any words on the back of the t-shirt, they can still be seen.


When I was searching for how to cut a t-shirt off the shoulder, I came across all these cute ways to style a plain t-shirt. They all look super easy to do and will definitely make a plain shirt more fashionable.


And because this post is about boxing, I have to give a shout out and a recommendation to one of my faves….if you are ever in the Boston area, you need to check out Firicano Boxing and Fitness Center located in Stoneham, Mass. Michael Firicano is the owner and creator of the the “F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O Method” which stands for “Fitness in Rhythm, Intense Conditioning and Nutrition Options.” It is an award winning, fitness facility that offers classes such as boxing bootcamp and spinbox for all ages…men, women, and even children/teens. In fact, my son loves it there so much he begged me to be in a pic for this segment of the blog when he knew I was writing about it! lol


My son is almost 9, and I can honestly say the training he gets in the boys’ boxing class has helped condition him for hockey all year long. So, if you are bored with your fitness routine and want to get ready for summer (so you look cute in an off the shoulder, tied-up t-shirt), please check out! First 3 classes are FREE!!!!

OH…..and make sure before you get rid of your summer t-shirts, that you try one of these styling tricks…you may be pleasantly surprised that you can still rock a concert t from 1998!