Spring Colors for your Wardrobe…

My favorite new spring colors to incorporate in my wardrobe lately are bright yellow, blush pink, cobalt blue, and kelly green.

Yellow is actually considered a neutral base color because it looks flattering on all skin tones. I love yellow paired with white and navy the most.

Yellow also looks great with black and white prints, as well as mint green.


Kelly green just screams “it is spring.” When I think of spring, I think about everything  blooming and the grass and trees turning green. Kelly green is also a great neutral color that looks amazing on any color hair…especially red heads.


Blush pink is super trendy…in fact, that is the color bridesmaid dress I will be wearing in a wedding this summer. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest color for everyone to wear. Sometimes, it can make people look washed out or sickly. However, this can be avoided if you do the following things:

-pair blush with flattering colors that look good on you. (blush is an accent shade that works with warm and cool tones)

-anchor the shade with darker colors

-choose pants or accessories in a blush hue so the color is away from your face

-wear darker shades of eyeshadow or lipstick to brighten your face and skin tone


Last but not least, is my new fave color for spring…cobalt blue…this color gives a great “pop” to any outfit. The best thing about cobalt blue is that is matches with pretty much anything! It even goes with crazy colors, such as yellow and pink. It suits all skin colors and hair colors, and it looks great with brown, blue, or green eyes. Cobalt blue is classic enough to wear to the office, but trendy and fun for a night out in spring and summer. My favorite colors to wear with cobalt blue are tan or coral at the moment.

I suggest trying to buy at least one item of each of these 4 colors to incorporate into your wardrobe. They do not have to be expensive….it can be something simple, such as a scarf, tank top, or cardigan. Happy Shopping!!