Forever 21…at 40

I always liked forever 21 for basics…..they are cheap and let’s face it…a basic is a basic…you usually wear them a lot and they wear out fast…so why spend a lot of money on them. Some people get overwhelmed in stores like Forever 21 because the stuff is thrown everywhere…except the basics section….that is actually all grouped together…tanks, t shirts, leggings etc. So you can either beeline it to that section or simply order it online. Since I enjoy hunting through the racks of craziness, I still pop in there once in awhile. Many of the things in there are a little much for me now, but I do still pick up a few trendy pieces from time to time, and I always grab some basic items when I am there. I went in last week and managed to purchase some great finds

I always, always, always get my black and white tank tops at either target, forever 21, or old navy because they are cheap and I live off tanks in spring and summer. Therefore, they usually have had it by fall, and I throw them out. At Forever 21, the tanks cost less than $4!!!


Tanks are a great layering piece, but they are also great to dress up jeans and pants with in the spring and summer. I even wear them to work with dress pants and funky jewelry when it is hot outside in June.

I also picked up a basic, black sleeveless dress…..for $9.90!!!


This is the kind of dress you want to pack with you for a vacation or weekend getaway. You can wear it with sneakers, throw it over a bathing suit or even wear heels with it to go out at night.

The last item I purchased was a cowl neck bodysuit. I have wanted one for a long time, but have not found one I liked (or one that was comfortable), and I really did not want to spend a lot for one because they are super trendy right now and may not last in the fashion world for very long. Seeing the movie “Saturday Night Fever” on the big screen last week inspired me to find one though because I am a disco girl at heart and I love how bodysuits and flares are back in action for Spring. The one I bought was only $9.90!!!



At that price…who cares if I wear it only twice!!! I saved a pair of high waisted, flared jeans from years ago…tried the bodysuit on with them when I got home…and loved it! In fact…I think I will have to write about bodysuits in a future blog post! Bodysuits look best with wider leg pants/jeans, joggers, or with the same color bottoms for a sleeker look.

So for all of you women who think you are “too old” to shop at Forever 21 and walk right by the store…stop in and grab some basics. You will save a ton of money and have all the main pieces you need for spring and summer 2017. If the store is too overwhelming for you, order online!!!