White pants are a must for Spring and Summer…

Everyone thinks of white pants as the devil…hard to wear…stain easy…not as slimming as black…can only wear between Memorial Day and Labor Day…etc…etc…etc….All false I tell ya! Personally, I love winter white….white fur (faux of course because I love animals), white boots, white wool pants, etc… I have actually rocked the winter white look for years. In fact, here is a picture of me in winter white, wool pants at my niece’s Christening almost 9 years ago. I had my son only 3 1/2 months prior so I was not feeling great about myself yet…but I still was able to find a wide-leg, winter white pant style that was flattering.


But enough of winter!! Spring 2017 is here! I am not one of those people who believe it is bad to wear white before Memorial Day. I mean, I kind of get why people are reluctant to wear winter white because of the weather in the Northeast (although as the mom of a boy, I can tell you that Shout spray gets legit everything out!), but I feel like wearing white is fair game once Easter comes. At that time of year, pastel colors tend to become trendy and they look much better with white as a base.

Which brings me to the fact that white is a great neutral for your closet!!! It matches with black, navy, red, pastels, neon, prints, tans…basically everything. So just like you should have a few styles of black pants in your rotation, you should have a few pairs of white pants in your rotation for spring and summer.

It is a myth that your body must have twig-like legs to wear white pants. You just need to take a little more time to find a style that works. We all know that wearing all one color is a way to slim anyone’s body. Hence, wearing all white is a great way for plus size women to wear white pants comfortably.

Anther way for plus size, or fuller-shaped women to wear white pants is to add a peplum top to your outfit. Peplum tops are known to be waist slimming, which draws attention upwards.


My favorite look in white pants for this spring is distressed, white jeans. I think any distressed jean is sexy….they show a peak of skin…I am all for a peak of skin…I just found my pair at Old Navy for $34…and I had a promo code for an extra 20% off. Here is the exact pair I got. I did have to hem mine….but that is per usual for me! lol The best thing about these pants is that they come in tall, regular, and petite!!!! A length for all!!!!


Mid-Rise Rockstar Distressed Jeans - Bright White

I think distressed jeans look best with a looser fitting top…such as a tank, t-shirt, or blouse. And, I love them with a heel.


Another style white pant I love is the straight leg style. It is a classic style pant that one can wear to work or for a night out. This style looks great with any top really….You can wear any shoe with a straight leg pant…flats, wedge, sandals, heel…


My favorite style straight leg pant comes from Ann Taylor Loft. It is called the “kick crop.” I bought them last year, but the style is so great that the store is still carrying it. Once again, it comes in regular and petite lengths. Loft often has “40% off everything” sales, so it may be a good idea to wait and buy these during one of these sales. The sales are usually offered both online and in store.



A “flattering for all” style white pant is to wear a boot cut or flare. Especially this spring because the 70s style is back in action! Boot cut and flares balance out the hips and thighs with the lower portion of the leg so your silhouette appears proportional. I actually wore a boot cut flare pant to a Communion last weekend that I had bought YEARS AGO from Express. I always kept them, even though boot cut styles went out of trendiness for a while. I knew “all skinny all the time” could only last for so long.


Some trendier styles of white bottoms for the season include jumpsuits and joggers. Jumpsuits in all white can actually be slimming, because once again, they follow the rule about how wearing monochromatic looks make anyone look thinner.


I am currently obsessed with joggers!! (blog post on these to come real soon) I have a ton of black and grey joggers, which are neutrals, so why not have white for spring and summer.

So go ahead and embrace white pants in your near future…whether you are tall, petite, plus size, like to be casual, like to be chic, are a stay at home mom, only wear heels…etc…one of the styles I mentioned in this blog will be the perfect fit for you 🙂