latest finds…

I tend to buy “multiples” when I find something I love!!! My latest loves come from Express and Victoria’s Secret. As a teen growing up in the 1990’s, I wore chokers….a lot….and….they are….back! yay! Anyhow, when I was “hunting” through Express, I spotted a table of folded shirts….and they had chokers built-in! I fell in love…. I bought the black one, and a coral one. (just because I always buy black…and because I do not have enough of this coral color in my closet so why not)


They were “buy 1 get 1 for 50% off” … I did…..I am a sucker for the “buy 1, get 1” phrase…like I never NEED 2 of anything….but I still buy the two anyways…always…every time…especially if it is a trendy item…that I want, but I don’t want to pay full price for it because it may not “stay trendy” for long…I think I justify it because it is on sale…lol….

Anyhow, as you know, I love the “bra showing a little” look too…maybe because I still want to be Madonna circa the 1980s…who knows…

These shirts created a new issue for me though….they had a deep v in the FRONT…not the side…not the back….all of my “bralettes” have a funky back, or lace design, because I usually wear them with backless tops or tops that have a wide side opening to them.

The shopping plaza I was in happened to have Victoria’s secret right next to Express. I found these wicked cute sports bras that were criss crossed in the front…instead of the back….JACKPOT….AND…..they were “buy 1 get 1 50% off” yay!!! twice in one day! I immediately was going to choose black and white…but then I changed my mind…I have A TON of black everything….so instead of picking a black one…I ended up choosing a floral one…perfect for spring! Has a ton of colors in it, floral anything is huge right now in the fashion world, and it goes perfect with the coral colored top I bought.


This bra comes in 9 colors, and the Express top I bought comes in 5 colors…hence, lots of options. I like the “deep v in the front look” best with jeans or black pants.


It even looks cute with a long sleeve.


And, it looks ADORABLE in a dress style too.


or as a tank for summer…


You can even make it casual wearing it with an athletic look….here is me wearing a long sleeve choker top from Express, an adidas jacket, and the white sports bra from Victoria’s Secret.


So as much as I always say “back anything is best”…I am kinda broadening my horizons and switching things up a little for spring 🙂