Culottes “Can” Be “Cool”…

Every once in a while a tricky trends happens to cycle around that stresses me out. Culottes were the recent “stressor.” Culottes are knee-length, trouser style pants, cut with very full legs, that almost resemble a skirt. Culottes are everywhere this spring….legit everywhere…in every store…magazine..all over Pinterest…. We all know they look good on taller girls with slim legs….


But for the shorter, petite girls and the plus size women…these can be a nightmare. It really pisses me off when I want to do something, and I feel like I can’t because I am short. Hence, I set out on a mission to try to figure out how women of all shapes and sizes can wear these pants.

One suggestion for both petite and plus size women is to pair them with a peek of skin and a crop top. This helps draw attention upwards towards the waist.


Another way plus size women can wear these pants is to buy them in a darker color, such as black. Black naturally elongates and slims the lower half of a women’s body.


This may be the TRICKIEST pant style to wear if you are a petite woman. I was determined to find a pair I liked. I tried A LOT on, and this is what I have concluded…

  1. The hemline should fall just below the knee
  2. Heels help
  3. If you do wear flats, make them pointed
  4. Balance the volume of the bottoms with a defined waist
  5. Choose monochromatic colors/prints

I have found the monochromatic look to be the key for me personally. We all know that wearing all one color or print makes everyone look taller, and we know that these pants look great on tall women…so to me it was a no brainer solution. Here are some petite monochromatic looks…

The one big bonus of these culottes for both tall and short women is that you never have to worry about the length!!!!! They are never “too short” for taller women as they are supposed to be too short, and petite women never have to visit their tailor and have them hemmed!!! Because you never have to really worry about the length of these pants, you can wear flats or heels, and they will both work just fine.


I found my favorite pair at Marshalls for $9.99. I went with black….and I went with a monochromatic look….I worried about how big I looked on the bottom the whole day…until my father and mother saw the picture and said I looked too skinny. lol Here is me in my “culotte look”…what do you think???


I will end with this….culottes are extremely comfy to wear…no constriction, light weight, like pajamas….so do not shun this trend for spring and summer…you may be pleasantly surprised like I was!