Weekend Shopping Finds…

So as I went out “hunting” this weekend, both in stores and on-line, I lucked out and found some really cute items!! The best part is that I spent less than $120 for all of these items I am about to write about.

As you know, I enjoy shopping in boutiques…especially local ones, because I believe it is important to support local businesses. Boutiques have such unique accessories and clothing that you can not always find in mainstream stores. One of my fave boutiques to shop in is Aine’s in Reading, Massachusetts. Aine’s sells women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, and gifts.


There was a lot to choose from in Aine’s when I was there shopping this Saturday, but I really do try to stick to a budget so I picked items that I knew I would wear a ton this spring. The first item I decided upon was a camo t-shirt. The t shirt is super soft and comfy. It almost feels like you are wearing pajamas. Maybe it is because I like to dress with a little edge….but I love camo….Camo is a print that never really goes out of style. You can dress it up, wear it casual, etc. Fashionistas love it. Tomboys love it. The shirt was $34. I feel it is a great buy given the quality of the t shirt. I also love how the camo print is in lighter colors with an off white background, which is nice for spring.

I would definitely wear this t-shirt with jeans. Most likely dark denim, because I think the contrast of the light camo color looks great with a darker color. This is another one of those practical Saturday items that you can run around and do errands wearing with a pair of converse sneakers…but then throw on some colored heels and silver hoops and head to dinner and drinks!


I love anything with quotes on it. Therefore, I am obsessed with “Benny and Ezra” jewelry, which Aine’s just so happens to carry in their boutique. Aine’s carries a variety of circle pendants and bar pendants that have amazing, motivational quotes/sayings on them. I went with the bar shape. (maybe because I just bought a camo shirt and I was thinking army/dog tag look????? lol) My necklace says “Actually, I can.” This saying is PERFECT for me, because I am a natural-born worrier and this reminds me to have confidence in myself and always have faith that I am strong. Aine’s also carries chains in various lengths to attach these pendants to. I chose one that is longer because I have a shorter chain with an initial, circle pendant that I plan to layer with this one.


The last item I purchased this weekend was an online buy. As much as I love to dress up, I am also obsessed with workout clothes. I take exercise classes 5 days a week, so I do spend a great deal of time in workout clothes. Before I reveal what I purchased, I have to give you a little background….I spent years trying to cover up my behind! Always thought it was too big for my little body. I think every woman has one part of their body they dislike, and mine was my backside. Well…I am over that now. At 40 years old, I have just learned to embrace and accept who I am and what I have. It doesn’t hurt that the trend is now the bigger the booty— the better. With that said, I still am pretty fussy with what leggings I choose to wear for working out. I just ordered a pair of Booty by Brabants. These leggings are amazing. They are actually “one size fits all”, which sounds crazy…but they really do fit and flatter everyone! I have seen them in exercise classes I frequent on numerous women of various heights and weights, and they look amazing on everyone! They are almost half the price of lululemon too. This weekend, there was an extra discount code and they came to about $50. They also come in a variety of bright, beautiful colors.



Lastly, if you live in the Boston area, definitely check out Aine’s boutique in Reading, Mass. You will not be disappointed 🙂 They truly are amazing! Customer service is phenomenal. Aine’s has  also won “Best of the North Shore” magazine for their women’s casual clothing and accessories. If you are not located close to Reading, Mass….no worries….because Aine’s has a closed Facebook group you can join where you can buy items as well. You can find this group on Facebook under “Aine’s Boutique Shopping/Sale Group. Happy Hunting!