Boutique shout out!

I love small stores and boutiques. They have different items that you can not always find in chain stores or department stores. I love wearing unique accessories and funky tops that you can not grab off the rack at Macys (however I do love a good Macy’s sale….lol) Most of the boutiques I have stumbled across I have found on instagram. One particular boutique I came across is called “Sam I Am.” They are located in Texas, and they sell jewelry, clothes, shoes, home decor, and more. I love tanks with words on them (a blog post to come about this at a later date)… I decided on getting a gorgeous mint green tank top that says “blessed” on it and a coral colored tank top with a cross. The Italian, Catholic girl I am loves shirts with crosses on them, so this coral tank was an easy choice.


Check out their instagram page or facebook page when you get a minute. They have really cute items, and great prices! Also, stay tuned for more posts on featured boutiques.

You can find them at