Blooming into your weekend…

Whether you like florals or not is irrelevant because they are here to stay for the moment. From tops to dresses to scarves to shoes, florals are all the rage for spring. After all, nothing says spring like flowers blooming I guess. You can see in the photo below that even athleisure wear is highlighting floral prints.


I was never one to wear flowers….I am definitely a black and white stripes or leopard print kind of gal. However, I love trends and being “in style”, so I decided I had to find some floral pieces that I liked. Florals can be tricky for a lot of people to wear. Some prints are “too busy”, and some prints can “add weight” to certain areas many women do not like to highlight. The good news is that many accessories come in floral prints. If you have read my previous blog posts, you know I love adding trendy pieces to items that are already in your closet. It is an inexpensive way to update your wardrobe and feel fashionable. Some ways to do this are to buy a pair of floral shoes, a scarf, or a small clutch pocketbook. Amazon actually has some floral scarves right now for less than $10.



Most women like to start wearing skirts more often this time of year, and I really do think floral skirts are beautiful!!! They are just so spring-like! I think floral prints work best on a universally flattering style skirt, such as an A-line style or a fit and flare.


I decided to sport some floral, wide-leg, trouser style pants from Ann Taylor Loft for Easter. I bought them when Loft had a “40 percent off everything” sale, so they cost me less than $35. There are so many pretty colors in them, which is actually why I chose them. The possibilities of how many different colored tops I can wear with them are endless!! #winwin


Here are a few of my other floral finds that I bought when I went to Target this past Monday. Both items cost less than $25 and can be worn throughout spring and summer. I chose a sweater that I can mix and match with jeans and work pants, and I also chose a bustier dress that I plan on taking on an upcoming trip to NYC. I love the combo of florals with a bustier….gives it a little edge.


I also found a super, cute floral 3/4 sleeve blouse in Marshalls recently. I loved that the shirt was mostly a black background with a bigger floral print. I also loved the huge bell sleeves on it. I thought this shirt would look amazing with denim or white pants for spring. The best part…it was only $12.99! #score



I will leave you with this….try and embrace the floral trend. With so many colors and flower patterns out there, you are bound to find one you like. I am surprised with how much I actually enjoyed updating my wardrobe with some blooming flowers 🙂 Who knows….it may even uplift your mood!

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  1. Love it!!!! And I never wear floral prints for all of the reasons that you mentioned! When I saw you on Easter wearing those LOFT floral pants they were just so beautiful and completely flattering on you. I had to try and just got them today! You nailed it! They are so pretty and feel amazing on! I’m So happy I bought them! Thank you 😊


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