Make a Statement with a Statement Necklace…

I like easy, quick things that work….in everything I do in life. Some days I am so busy I can not even remember the last time I stopped to drink water…lol Sometimes, events and social outings pop up at night and either I do not have time to iron, or time to change, or I just feel like wearing jeans and a tank top….but yet, I need to look ready to go have cocktail instead of ready to go to the supermarket. This is where the statement necklace comes in. What is a statement necklace you ask? They are large necklaces with beads, dangling pieces, or crystals that come in a variety of colors, patterns, and metals. Here is an example of one.


Statement necklaces have been trendy for a few years now, and there is no way they are dissappearing any time soon. The right statement necklace can take your outfit up a notch when you do not have time to really think about what you are going to wear. Because these necklaces are known to be “busy”, they are best paired with something a little “boring.” I love how they look with t shirts, tank tops, or a plain blouse or dress.



On the upside…these necklaces look expensive, but they are ridiculously cheap…like some less than $10 cheap. I get most of mine at Target or Charming Charlie.

If you think about my previous blog posts (if you have not read them yet, please check them out), you know that I write about incorporating new, trendy items with pieces you already own. Most women in their 30’s and 40’s, regardless if they have kids or not, are very busy in life. Life is also expensive for various reasons. Women want to update their wardrobes, but they do not want to spend a fortune. Like the colored heels, and ankle-tie, pointed toe flats I wrote about, the statement necklace is similar in the sense that it “goes with what you already have” and takes you from “day to night.” Most of us own t shirts, tanks, jeans, and a blazer or leather jacket. Statement necklaces look great with all of these items. They also go with any style jean, so pick your fave 🙂



This time of year, I become obsessed with tank tops. They are easy, comfortable, and they layer well. Tanks also show a little skin, which as you know, I think showing a little skin makes you sexy and sassy, while still being classy. Adding a statement necklace just adds to the look….I am in love with the looks below.


So go ahead and pick your favorite color, decide if you are a silver or a gold girl, and make your statement.