Why Capsule Wardrobes are a Must…and why any girl who hates to shop or is unsure about what to get must read this!

What is a capsule wardrobe you ask….I say it is a must….it is something you can never “go wrong” with…it is something that helps you never say, “I have nothing to wear.” No, but in all seriousness, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential items of clothing that will never go out of style. I love capsule wardrobes, because they are a great foundation of closet staples. I have included some photos containing examples of basic, capsule wardrobes.

As you can see, these capsule wardrobes work for both working women and stay at home moms. Whether you want a complete “do over” with your closet, or you simply do not know where to begin and get overwhelmed shopping, use these examples as a guide. I find heading to a store like Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Macy’s or Marshalls allows you to find all of these key pieces.

The next photo contains a recent capsule wardrobe that I came across. I am in love with all of this, because I am obsessed with the new “athleisure” trend that is booming. I feel like these items would work for a working woman on the weekends and a stay at home mom any day of the week.


Final thoughts about capitalizing on a capsule wardrobe…all of these pieces should last for at least a few years and work in various season changes. The stores I suggested above have frequent sales, and you should be able to purchase these items of clothing for a relatively low-cost. My favorite part about capsule wardrobes is that they provide a base to mix and match all of the trendy items that are coming out this Spring!