How I am Channeling my Inner Madonna, circa the “Lucky Star” era, through the “lace bralette”.

As an 80’s child, I was all about Madonna and her music…I was an avid dancer and spent many hours in a dance studio…and many hours making up my own dances to songs such as “Material Girl.” My favorite Madonna look came from her “Lucky Star” video. I mean come on…the jewelry, the lace, the big hair, the makeup, the bra out showing….


I loved this look so much, that when I was in third grade I let my cousin dress me up as the “Madonna-Lucky Star-Look” for Halloween. We used all her “clubbing clothes” to put together my look. I always idolized her and wanted to look just like her, so I was in my glory. Here is a  picture of the costume. It is a little blurry due to it being from a Polaroid camera. ( gotta love the 1980s) madonna5

When the lace, racer-back bralette came about this year, I was immediately drawn to it…I was kind of unsure at first, because I am a 40 year old mom….but then I realized that 40 is the new 25 (in my mind anyways), and that I could do this trend up tastefully. I think it is sexy for a woman to show a little peek of lingerie from time to time.


What is a bralette you ask? A bralette is the newest trend in undergarments. They have played second fiddle to many of the other bra trends that have been out the past few years, but they are definitely shining! You can see them in all the major stores now, and celebrities can be seen spotted wearing them in numerous magazines. They are very comfortable to wear and can be sported with a casual look or a more dressy look. I found mine at Target for just $16.99!!! I bought a black one and a white one…one padded…one not…you know…so I have a choice…pad it up or just embrace my small chest and be comfy…lol

Here is a pic of the exact one I ordered from Target.

How do you wear this trend you may ask?? Well, I love to wear bralettes peeking out of loose fitting tops. I have to be honest, this trend has lessened my stress load a lot. I mean, how many times have you bought a top and have no idea what bra to wear? Does it show? What kind of bra strap do I need? Does the bra color go? The bralette solves these problems because it is meant to show!!! Hence, throw on the tank top and go!!!!! I have included some pictures of “bralette” looks that I absolutely love to give you some ideas.

Go out and get yourself a bralette! You can’t go wrong for less than $20! Target has so many color options and size options. You will never have to worry about what to wear under that cute, spring tank when you are getting dressed on a Saturday night. Not to sexy is this look!! And you only have to show a tiny bit of skin 🙂