Bomber jackets are “the bomb”

So 2016 was officially dubbed the year of the bomber jacket….Initially, I was not super thrilled with this trend…..but it has won me over…..I think walking through the stores and seeing all the pretty, spring colors they are coming in is what did it for me! And the fact that the weight of these jackets is perfect for spring.  (I am ALWAYS cold and ALWAYS need to carry a jacket or sweater with me) As much as I love a nice blazer, the bomber jacket seems like a way to break the blazer monotony. Bomber jackets have been seen on all the “it girls” recently, and they seem fairly easy to dress up or dress down. I love them best with skinny jeans and heels or joggers with a wedge sneaker.

Last week, I was walking through Marshalls (my fave store to find the latest trends—some people do not like searching through all the racks of clothes, but as we know I love the “thrill of the hunt” lol) , and I spotted a rack of bright-colored bomber jackets! I was drawn to a bright, cobalt blue color. This color is big for 2017. I immediately thought of a color swatch I had seen on pinterest of what to mix this color with, and thought it was perfect for spring!



So, in the cart it went! If you are not a “bright colored clothing kind of girl”, you can also pair this color well with white, cream, black, or grey too. The best part of this bomber jacket was the price….$14.99!!!! How can you beat that for a cute spring jacket? And if the trend suddenly disappears, it is cheap enough to “move on” without feeling like you wasted money on a jacket.



I mean how cute is this!?! For some reason, it does not look as bright in the pictures, but it is a gorgeous cobalt blue……so get to a marshalls or a TJ Maxx and get yourself a bomber jacket so you can feel like you’re the bomb! They had an assortment of beautiful colors and also some more classic colors, such as black and army green.

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  1. Love it! I’m gonna start me a “cash jar for sales” jar and give it to you for my shopping😉 Awesome find! BOOM💥


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