High Tops Are Everywhere!!!

High Tops have blown up people! Especially Converse and Jordans! I was not sure how I felt about wearing them at first, but I am loving my high top Vans and Converse lately. So many people have been asking me for suggestions about how to style high tops that I figured I would write an article about it. Let’s face it, high tops have pretty much just been on the basketball court for a lot of years and now they are acceptable to wear out on a Friday night. Here are my favorite ways to wear high tops.

  1. Loose or straight leg jeans:

2. Joggers/sweats:

3. Leggings:

4. Dresses/skirts:

5. Bike shorts:

If you are still reluctant to try high tops, but you want to kind of take the leap, I suggest trying a lighter, canvas pair of white vans or nike sneakers for warmer weather.

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