Wardrobe Essentials You need now and will wear for years….

If you want a closet overhaul and feel like going on a shopping spree, I suggest making sure you have the following items in your closets. Not only are they trending currently, but they will definitely be sticking around for multiple seasons to follow which means you will get a lot of bang for your buck!

  1. Blazer in black or white:

2. Neutral mid length cardigan:

3. White platform Converse:

4. High waist denim shorts:

5. Tie waist shirt dress:

5. Neutral maxi dress:

6. Cream cargo joggers:

7. Straight leg jeans:

8. Black and white striped blouse:

9. Loose fit v-neck t-shirt:

10. Tan crewneck sweater:

11. Black long sleeve bodysuit:

Happy Shopping!

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