October Top 10 Faves!!!!

Here is my latest list of favorite things!!!! Love doing these lists over the next few months by the way…..especially for the holidays!

  1. Candy Corn Pumpkins: You either love these or hate these….I love them!

2. Cats Walking on a Leash: I mean why not try it….they’re just as intelligent as dogs….Here is my Cosmo practicing.

3. Platform Sneakers: I just love these….and yes they are comfortable while adding some height. They also look very chic with the 90s style wide leg and flared jeans. Steve Madden and Converse make my favorite ones.

4. The Color Rust: This will be “the color” for the next few months, especially during the holiday season.

5. Great Lash Mascara: This is an oldie but goodie and keeps my lash lift and tint looking fresh for weeks without ruining it or clumping the lashes.

6. Quaker Buttered Popcorn Mini Rice Cakes: I leave these on my desk at work when I need a salty snack that is fairly healthy.

7. OPI You Don’t Know Jacques: This is the perfect color for nails before you start going with super dark colors for winter time. It is a lovely mix of grey and beige and matches everything!

8. Pop Bags: I recently became familiar with these custom made leather bags. There are so many styles to choose from and you can design it according to your style and taste. I chose this oversized, envelope clutch with studs. Definitely check them out!

9. Cropped Teddy Coats from Shein: Less than $25, comes in all colors and sizes, and is super warm.

10. My Custom Winter Beanies with Patches: Can be custom made for any sport or reflect any career made by TG7 Styles. Please email to order. tiffyg77@yahoo.com

Hope you enjoyed the monthly top 10!