Top 10 July Summer Faves!!!

I love summer and I have so many favorites lately I could make a list of 20 or more, but for tradition’s sake, I kept it to the monthly top10!

  1. Waterproof mascara: I am one of those people who never leaves the house without mascara on, and this one looks super natural on a hot and humid beach day.

2. Monty: This is my mom and dad’s new puppy. He is a love!

3. New Louis Vuitton Prints: I am obsessed with their latest lines and prints!!

3. Nyx Peaches and Cream Lip gloss: This is the perfect summer shade and so inexpensive too.

4. MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow: This is my go to summer shade for the past 20 years! Legit! Looks great alone in the daytime, or layered for a smoky eye look for night.

5. Amazon Dresses: I have to say I am impressed with the ruched/summer dresses amazon is selling lately! They are all under $20 and true to size too~

6. Sleepy Tie: This scrunchie is meant to be worn at night while you sleep with your hair in a bun. It is super comfy to wear and it literally gives your hair beautiful waves and volume. Here is my before/during/after. Check them out!

7. Bath and Body Works Summer Body Splashes: I love these in summer because they are lighter than perfume, but still smell amazing all day.

8. Sneakers/Dress Look: I mean this is genius….perfect combo of casual/chic.

9. Malibu Rum Spritzers: I always liked malibu rum in general so when this was at my dad’s house July 4th I had to try! It is delicious, super lightweight and so convenient for a pool day.

10. Old School Jeans: I saved this pair of William Rast jeans from the early 2000s I am so happy I did because bell bottoms are back!!!! I am so glad I decided to go through that pile of jeans in the back of my closet last month.

Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the monthly top 10!