May Top 10 List!!!!!

I love the start of summer near Memorial Day Weekend!!! The hustle and bustle starts to slow down and the lazy, dog days of summer will be here soon. I look at summer as a time to re set myself and recharge before teaching begins again in Sept. (along with my son’s hockey schedule). I also love all of the products that come up for summer. Here is my latest list of faves.

  1. Bath and Body Works Scrub: This is a MUST. It exfoliates the skin and takes any dry skin off on elbows, knees, and feet that may be left over from cooler weather. I always loved the “Beach” smell but this new one is to die for!!!

2. Banana Oatmeal Bites: My bananas have been getting ripe quicker now that the warmer weather is here and I have been looking for healthy recipes on ways to use them up. I love this one, and it is also super easy too.

3. Wide Leg Pants: They are back and they are beyond comfy and beyond flattering. If you have not already embraced this returning trend, you are missing out.

4. Summer Lays Flavor: I am a sucked for seasonal flavors. These are amazing! My boyfriend loved them too!

5. Denim Joggers: We have been wearing joggers a lot since COVID last Spring, so it makes total sense that they would combine denim with joggers for an updated style trend. I just found this great pair at Marshalls for $19.99!

6. Amazon Leisure Sets:

I just bought this short set on Amazon. It comes in a ton of colors and is true to size and feels like you are wearing pajamas. Here is the link to buy:

7. Walking Your Cat: My son started doing this with Cosmo our cat. I thought he was crazy, but it is working. Hey exercise is exercise right? So why not? (yes that is my son face timing me to show me he was loving the walk)

8. Bucket Hats: I always thought that this style was the most flattering hat on women so I am glad it is back.

9. Clip in Pony: This is another great Amazon find! I had bought the big, curly one last summer, but decided to try this one for some added fullness with half up half down hair. We all know that humid temps can cause our hair to become flat fairly quickly. Here is the link to buy!

10. Friday Food Market: This is a great small business based in the Boston area. You can find information about how they work on their website and instagram, but basically you choose a certain number of fresh fruits and veggies to have delivered to your home for an inexpensive cost. By ordering from them, you are helping to reduced food waste in the Boston area. Use code TIFFANY5!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of the latest top 10!