Style Hacks to Know….

  1. Always pack a white t-shirt because it literacy goes with anything and is a great layering piece.

2. When you want to wear a print, go for a smaller one, it is always more flattering.

3. When you feel bloated and blah, dress in a monochrome look (wear one color)

How to Nail a Monochromatic Look - Beauticurve | Monochromatic fashion, Plus  size fashion, Fashion

4. A sleek pony cures any “bad hair day.”

31 Glam Going Out Hairstyles for your Next Big Night (2020)

5. When in doubt overdress. If it says black tie event, even though technically any black dress is acceptable, always wear a long one.

6. Hoops Make every outfit look trendy

7. Belt Dresses and shirts that are too big to cinch the waist. It is more flattering and avoids a boxy look.

8. Have bra clips in the drawer. If you do not have one of those convertible bras, you can use these to clip bra straps into numerous forms so that the strap will not peek out and ruin your outfit.

9. Have a good tailor who can sew the original hem back on your jeans…..they will never looked hemmed this way.

10. Red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter and brightens the face (even if you have not slept more than 3 hours).

Hope you found these style hacks helpful!!!!

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