5 trends that will continue to dominate 2021!!!

There is a lot of repetition in the fashion world for early 2021 thus far. I think that makes sense considering 2020 was a year that caused financial restraint for numerous people combined with the fact that there were not many social gatherings and opportunities to showcase current trends. I have noticed that the following 5 trends keep coming up and coming up on the 2021 runways so do not purge these items yet if you are doing a spring closet cleaning!

  1. Tye Dye: This crazy print is here to stay. Hence everything you purchased during quarantine is still on trend…especially two piece sets.

2. Metallics: Both gold and silver are chic. Darker skin tends to look better in silver tones and lighter skin tends to look better in gold tones. If you have medium skin you can rock both easily.

3. Neon Brights: Yup….the bolder and brighter the better peeps!

4. Ponchos: I love these because they are often one size fits all and can be worn in all seasons. They are also great for traveling.

5. Looser Fitting Denim: We can’t always wear sweatpants, but in general, people are sick and tired of skinny jeans after wearing leggings and sweats all last Spring. I still think skinny jeans have a place in the closet when paired with looser fitting tops. However, the stores are showing denim joggers, loose fitting denim jumpsuits, and wide leg jeans.

Let me know your favorite trend of the five!