A Black Blouse Outfit For Every day of the Week….

I think that a black blouse is like a white tank top or a pair of leggings…..we all seem to have one that we frequently wear. Many of us think of a black blouse as work attire or something you wear when you go to a wake….but I have to tell you….my fave black blouse is the slim fit, portofino style from Express…..and I wear it to all sorts of events!

Here are some ways to take your black blouse from drab to fab….I actually thought of this article with the idea that you technically could take a black blouse and wear it all week and just style it different ways….ok so here goes!


***With black pants/ black jeans:


***With animal print skirt:



***With leather pants:



***With “winter” white pants: (I am obsessed with this look FYI)



***With sneakers:


As you can see….a black blouse really can take you from Monday through Friday!!!