My Target Top Ten Finds!!!!

Ahhhh Target….one of the stores I get sucked into when I run in for two things…..easy hour in there and easy $100 I spend…..for awhile I was writing about what I would purchase in there that I thought made a good find. I took a few months off from that and my readers have been messaging me asking me to write about Target again so here it goes…LOL

  1. Cropped T-shirt: Love this as a layering piece for Spring with high-waisted pants and I love the v-neck. It is only $5 so I got black, white, and red.

2. Cropped Hoodie: This is super soft….I recently got black and red sneakers….hence the red hoodie….

3. Kind Protein Bars: I love this flavor with the almond butter for a grab and go breakfast….especially on the way to spin class.

4. Retro Tanks: I am obsessed with anything retro and I love Florida, hence I choose this graphic tank!

5. Loungewear: Target has the best loungewear selection lately….I could buy it all, along with their pajamas, but here are some of my top choices.

6. Tide Pods: These are so easy…..why have I been using two separate liquids all this time??? I also love Downy so this was a no brainer for me.

7. Eye Mask: This does the job and it is only around $5.

8. Spring Colored Sweaters: Pastels will be big again people for Spring 2021. I decided to get a jumpstart on the Spring transition and pair it up with boots.

9. Seltzer Water: This flavor is delish and I have only seen it at Target.

10. Fur Mules: I have these in black and they literally are like wearing slippers!!! Super comfy and I love the leopard and snake skin prints!

Hope you enjoyed the Target Top Ten!