January Top 10!!!

Well it is a new year, which means another list of top 10 faves each month filled with new ideas, items, etc…. It always amazes me the requests, comments, and positive feedback I receive each month regarding my top ten list and how people are still so interested in what my latest faves are 🙂 SO thank you everyone!!!

Ok here is the first list of 2021….

  1. Sweater Skirts: Last year I loved sweater dresses (still do by the way) and this year I am loving sweater skirts!!!! They are warm and look super cute with tights and any style boot. This skirt comes from Fashion Nova online.

2. Platform Workboots: I loved platform boots in the 90s and I love them now! I got these boots on clearance at Macys right after Christmas and I have been wearing them a ton. They are comfortable, give me some height, and they look good with a variety of pant styles. Best $40 I have spent in awhile!

3. Initial Mania: Initials have been in necklaces for awhile as a trendy item, but now they are popping up on all sorts of hair accessories.

4. Bath and Body Works Wall Plug in Flannel Scent: This makes your house smell amazing and it is a perfect winter scent!

5. Return of Metallics: I loved the show Solid Gold when I was really little…and I always loved gold sparkly items. Hence, I am ecstatic that 1980s gold metallic and gold lame fabrics are trending in a huge way for 2021.

6. Teeth Whitening Kit: I am loving this teeth whitening kit from White with Style……..super easy and convenient to use in your own home. The best part is you get an amazing discount…..because of me 🙂 Over 70% off!!!! Use code tiffyg77 at http://www.whitewithstyle.com

7. PDO Threading: I am all for “aging gracefully” (with a little help). Thankfully my friend Bianca owns The Luxe Dose by B. One of the MANY options she offers in her medical office is PDO threads done by a P.A. PDO threads are a game changer!!! Just take a look at some of the before and after pics online. (Here is mine below) They are less invasive than fillers, preventative, restorative, and have very little down time in regards to healing.

Contact the office for an appointment and/or consultation and make sure you tell them I sent you!

8. Mint Oreos: These are just to die for if you like anything mint.

9. Vitamin Water: This flavor was one of the only drinks I could stomach when I had covid in Decemeber…..It tastes great and is super hydrating.

10. Winter White Coats: This is one of the sharpest clothing items one can wear in winter. It stands out and is classy and crisp! I loved this long, white coat from Heart and Sole.

I hope you liked this month’s top ten!!!