After Christmas Sales: What to Buy?

I get a ton of questions the week after Christmas asking me if certain deals are worth it and people wondering what I tend to buy each year during the post holiday sales. Well, here is my list of what I think is totally worth buying over the next week or so.

  1. Winter Accessories: Stores mark down boots, hats, gloves and scarves tremendously now because they want to get rid of their overflow and make room for spring accessories.

2. Holiday Decor: Now is the time to buy decorations for next year. Most are 50% off or more. I will be buying a new tree soon.

3. Wrapping Supplies: Stores do not want this anymore whatsoever… is at least 80% off.

4. Holiday Candles: You can buy these as gifts and put this away for next year. Yankee Candles do not lose their smell for years.

5. Makeup: Sephora comes out with the best gift sets and mini products for the holidays. Then they mark down whatever did not sell. I love stocking up on these and using the smaller sized products for travel, especially the mascara sets and the small perfume.

6. Bath and Body Winter Collection: This store also has a great after Christmas sale because they start to make room for the Valentine products and early spring scents. I like to stock up on the winter soaps, hand sanitizers, wall plug ins, and body creams.

7. White Coat: You have no idea how many messages I receive from people telling me they really want to buy a white coat for the winter but they do not want to spend a lot on it with the fear of getting it dirty. Well, people winter coats are often 50% off right now so go for it!

Happy Sale Shopping!!!!