August Top 10!!!!

Summer is winding down….always kind of a melancholy time of year… much as I love Fall, I never really want summer to end either!!! With that said, hope everyone is enjoying their August and here is my list of monthly faves!

  1. Finipil: This is amazing if you get any type of waxing done. It prevents rashes and in grown hairs and bumps, and you can buy it right on Amazon.


2. Opi Strawberry Margherita Polish: The perfect hot pink.

3. Extra Big Sunglasses: I love this look. It is classic and old school and it always looks pretty on all shape faces.

4. Cosmo: This is our new kitten that is my son’s 12th birthday gift! He is a little love, and we are so happy to have him. He is an American Silver Short Haired kitten, but he is actually a blue-silver color, which makes him a tad rare and a lot special!

5. Purell Wipes: I mean….genius… anything new that cleans LOL


6. One Protein Bars: These are plant based and delicious. You can find them at Target.


7. Lays Chips in the new Philly Cheesesteak Flavor: I know protein bars were the last item, but life is all about balance right, and I love this new flavor!!!


8. Rocker Tees: Still love these…..and I am especially loving the selection from Scout and Molly’s in Lynnfield. Check them out!

9. Lady Gaga’s new song:  I tend to have a favorite song and that’s all I want to listen to for awhile……this one is it!


10. Yes to Coconut Lip Mask: I adore everything coconut in summer time, and I love lip masks too, so this purchase from Target was a no brainer. It exfoliates, moisturizes, and plumps.

Hope you enjoyed the monthly top 10!