My Summer Beauty Routine…

I have been getting a ton of messages and questions asking me what my favorite summer beauty products are and if my beauty routine changes. It definitely changes from season to season. Here are my fave summer beauty products….and why….

  1. Bronze/Gold Eyeshadows: Gives you a little glow, looks great with a tan, flatters all eye colors, and you only need one swoop to brighten up your face. I love the Urban Decay palletes.



2. Wet and Wild Cheek Highlight: Love wearing this at night. They have so many colors available, and it cost less than $2!!! Pair with the bronze eyeshadow, some mascara, and a pink or red gloss and you have a complete makeup look that takes less than 5 minutes.


3. Bath and Body Works Beach line: This smells beyond amazing. It has a shower gel, an exfoliator, a body cream etc. This was one of the first products I bought for summer. I have used it the last two summers and am now a big fan.


4. Extra sensitive Razor: If you are like me, then you shave A LOT in the summer. I don’t have sensitive skin usually, but shaving this frequently can aggravate my skin, so using a sensitive razor eliminates that.



5. Salt Spray for Hair: When you don’t want to dry your hair, spray on a wet head and braid your hair or scrunch for beach waves. Any kind works.



6. Dermaplane Tools: I love a facial that does dermaplaning, but I can not make it to get one every month. I discovered these tools at CVS and they work awesome!!! The extreme weather in summer and winter months make our skin develop layers of flakes and dead skin cells. This is awesome to use in between facials.



7. Neck/Chest/Hand Cream: As much as I LOVE the sun….I do worry about my chest and neck and hands aging from the tan I love getting so much!!! This is my favorite product and you can order by messaging Bianca @the_luxe_dose_. Tell her I sent you!



If you have any other questions for me DM me on insta @tiffyg77