Women and Sports…

Do you know that between 35-45% of fans for Baseball, Hockey, Football and Basketball are Female, and that this number continues to grow since the year 2015? So yes readers, women are also very passionate about sports too.  They enjoy sports for many of the same reasons that men do, such as team spirit, socializing, networking, and perhaps bonding with their significant other or to go on a date.

I have recently been lucky enough to collaborate with Brittany Baldi from @thebosbabes. The Bosbabes is a Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Charity Media Group and they love all things sports. (Make sure you follow them on insta and facebook for constant updates and news)


Thank God baseball is coming back this month! Although there are no fans allowed at games currently, I am hopeful that fans will be allowed in some capacity at outdoor events in the near future. I recently polled my insta readers and asked them if they feel safe attending sporting events outside, and 77% of them said yes. (which is great!) For those that do not feel 100% safe yet attending events, many of them responded they would feel safe if a vaccine or medication were available, or if crowds were reduced and masks were mandatory.

I am going to go with a positive attitude here and write about some “sporty style” so we are ready when fans can attend baseball games. Believe it or not, I get a lot of questions from women asking me what they should wear to sporting events, especially if they have plans to go out after the game. Well, here is my updated list of some trendy and cute “sporty looks.”


-Baseball hat of your fave team: (Can’t get easier than this folks! You can wear whatever you’d like for clothing. Also, baseball hats have gotten really funky and blinged out lately, which updates your look.)




-Tie-dye baseball shirt: Anything tie-dye is trendy lately, and it looks great paired up with denim.


-Graphic T:


-Baseball Shirt Dress: This may be my fave new look. Super cute and unexpected.


-Tank with your team’s motto or “saying”:



-Cropped baseball jersey:


If you would like some styling assistance or have questions/comments for me, then please email me at tiffyg77@yahoo.com or DM me at insta @tiffyg77. Look forward to hearing from you!