What Colors Look Best on You if You Are a Brunette, Blonde, or a Redhead?

When I am styling someone I often hear “I can’t wear that color because I have red hair”, or “Pink looks great on me because I am blonde.” Therefore, I decided to write about what bold, classic, neutrals, primary, and pastel colors will look best on you based on your hair color.


  1. Brunettes:

*Bold: Hot Pink


*Classic: Navy


*Pastel: Light Yellow


*Neutral: Cream


*Primary: Red



2. Blondes:

*Bold: Turquiose


*Classic: Black


*Pastel: Pink


*Neutral: Brown


*Primary: Kelly Green



3. Redheads:

*Bold: Emerald


*Classic: White


*Pastel: Lavender


*Neutral: Khaki


Primary: Cobalt Blue



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