What Have I Been Up To?

Believe it or not I have gotten numerous questions asking me how I have been managing my time and staying sane lately. I admit that is is very hard for me. By nature I am an extremely social person who is always running around doing something. I am also a Type A individual who thrives on routine and a schedule so I am trying to keep that in place as much as possible. I love to sleep late. I do. Always have. However I have been trying to sleep in only 60-90 minutes later so I do not mess my schedule up too much.


When I wake up, my son and I head to the kitchen for breakfast and online learning. I find it much easier for him to get though his work before his friends start calling or he jumps on a video game. Being a full time teacher I also have to check in with my students daily and plan lessons. Hey I even took a ten hour, webinar course for teaching writing!



I have always been the type to exercise at least 5 days per week for years and years so it is very important to me to stay physically fit. Not to mention it is great for your mental health as well. Studio Poise is a studio I fell in love with years ago. They are currently offering the most amazing virtual classes. There are multiple options per day. They are good for a four hour window of time and the cost is low!!! Check them out!


In addition to doing virtual classes, I have been walking a ton….like more than I have ever walked in my life probably lol. I try and walk early afternoon and then again around supper time to get some fresh air and keep moving!!! It also feels good to just get out of the house!!!!! Just got some new “Tiffany” Blue Nikes that my son picked out for me recently so they are getting their use that’s for sure!


To stay mentally sane I have been talking on the phone to loved ones and friends more often. I must say, although I am quite the texter, it has been so nice to have “live” convos.


I have been writing and writing and writing away!!!! I am so excited for my Spring and Summer columns and articles to come out!


We can’t get to salons and spas for our regular beauty treatments…and I am a girly girl I admit….so I have been trying to do some “self-care” beauty at home more often.


Testing out new spring lip colors from CVS….



And experimenting with some new hair styles to try….love this pearl headband from Soigne Hats!


Thankfully I did not have to stress about stocking up on supplies because well…..


I have used the time to start organizing things I never have time to sort through. I find that the days start to feel REALLY LONG around 7-8 pm….so that is when I try to “get into” a tv series that has been sitting on the DVR for weeks, or I read, or catch up on my social media. And last but not least….I pray a lot more than usual….because well…..the world needs God’s help right now more than ever. Stay safe everyone!