What Are My Drugstore “Can’t Live Withouts”

Someone recently messaged me and asked me what inexpensive beauty products I can’t live without and why, and I actually thought this would make a good article so here goes. Many of the products on this list I have used for years and years and I really do not think I would make it without them.

  1. Micellar Water: This literally takes all your makeup off in one swoop. It even removes stains from clothes.



2. Nyx Butter Gloss: This lip gloss comes in a variety of shades and keeps my lips moisturized all day. I have them everywhere.



3. Revlon Color Stay EyeBrow Pencil: This stays on forever, is easy to apply, and the brush makes your brows look nice and full.



4. Jergens Natural Glow: I use this after the shower at night a few times a week during the colder months so I have a little glow. It is the easiest self-tanner to use and it has no “bad” smell like many of them do.



5. Aquaphor: This is like the holy grail in CVS. It has multiple purposes. It cures anything that is chapped or cut or burnt. It also helps with flaky, dry skin and conditions eyelashes too.



6. Coconut Oil: This is less than $3.00 and it is by far the best thing to keep elbows, knees, and feet smooth. (because it is gross when they are not LOL)



7. Mascara: (Maybelline Full and Soft & Loreal Voluminous): I have found this combo to be the perfect duo for daily use. I don’t walk out of the house without mascara on. (Just being honest)



8. Wet and Wild Highlighter Stick: This is 99 cents and one swoop on your cheekbones makes you look lifted and awake.



The best part of this article…..the entire list costs less than $50!!! Happy Shopping!